we are doing electronic projects in kerala


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we are doing electronic projects in cochin

Research & Development

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Research & Development
we do almost all B.Tech projects in cochin we provide embedded craining classes


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The Saffron’s product basket consists of reliable and economical products, which are regularly updated to suit the latest trends in the ever changing international environment. We also offer specific solutions specially tailored to suit your industry

Research and Development

With a team of highly experienced and skilful R&D, Saffron has given life to an array of concepts which have been game changers in respective industries


Saffron is a proven name for providing innovative and customer centric solutions through its range of agile and scalable automation platforms.

Multi Colour Nameboard Controller

we undertake B.Tech projects in cochin

Name boards are the ones which will make your name stand out in the crowd. And, here at Saffron, we provide a multi colour name board which can be configured to produce a variety of display effects on the go. The display boards are controlled by a master module which offers plug and play capability Know More

General Purpose HMI

saffron is one of the leading group in embedded research and development in kerala

Here is an HMI which supports a wide range of sensors and devices. The system is so configurable that it can cater all your needs and is the ideal interface for your machinery.

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