Python is an open-source, high-level programming language. It is interpreted, powerful, and easy to work with. It is used by everyone from beginners to advanced programmers. Python can be used for things like GUI improvement, machine learning tasks, financial calculation, and many more. It has dynamic semantics and can be used as a scripting or glue language to connect components present collectively. An easy to read syntax helps emphasize clarity and reduce the price of software renovation. Django is a Python framework that is high level, allows rapid development and better design quality. ML is a programming language with various features like compilers and theorem provers .This course is designed for beginners, and no prerequisites have been defined. This Python training course begins with the basic concepts of programming and works upward to full-fledged Python applications development.

Scope and career prospects

Python is a popular programming language. Thousands of companies have built their websites with Python

Many IT businesses are looking for more candidates with experience and skills in Python programming languages. This has illustrated the better career scope for the Python programmers in the near future.

Career Opportunities Associated With Python With many different programming languages available, Python has tremendously outraced the other languages.

Over the years, Python has managed to sweep into the coding world and have managed to reach the top.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Django

  • Django features MVC

  • Install and setup Django

  • Files in Django

  • Database connections

  • Django admin

  • URL pattern advanced education

  • Services

  • Generic views

  • Session, cookie and templates

  • Form classes

  • Validation & authentication

  • Processing techniques

  • Sample CURD application

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