These are not just products, We Update it continuously.

Saffron has also leveraged its capabilities to develop and manufacture various industrial solutions and consumer products.

Our Products

Saffron Automation Suite

Saffron automation suite is a comprehensive business management system that offers an end-to-end solution to all your business needs.Besides ensuring highest level of quality and process efficiency, the system has the capability to automate your business end-to-end. It provides you a 360-degree view of your business, anytime irrespective of the location where ever you are. .

Software/ERP Development


Educadoo is a comprehensive educational institution management suite, which continuously move with the latest technology trends. Educadoo is a platform where a wide range of technology are utilised for addressing all issues that are ignored or adapted by the industry. Our vision is to provide a better educational infrastructure where the students are secure and monitored without affecting their privacy for igniting their real skills and tastes. The teachers are convenient with quick and one touch data to plan and decide the training pattern for each student.

School management software

Inverter Technology

The Inverter control system designed with a load of 20KVA or higher, uses advanced technologies like MPPT and dynamic phase locking, which enables it for grid connectivity at maximum efficiency. Various partners has been using this system in inverters implemented by them all over India..

Invert Technology

Monitoring Systems

We are manufacturing all type of monitoring systems according to customer needs. The monitoring systems are highly compatible with our Automation Suite and Software solutions hence the analytics and reports we generate is unbeatable.

Trackiing/Monitoring Systems

Workflow Management System for Volkswagen

AutoTime is a process management system developed for Incadea India. The system is designed to automate and monitor process workflow in automobile service center floors and uses an array of modules to record workflow and other activities on the service floor. The system has been currently being implemented for Volkswagen Global for its service centers..

Work flow management for VolksWagen

Development of Wireless Technology for General Electric(GE)

Over the years Saffron has provided with its services to institution like General Electric (GE).We developed wireless technology solution for GE with their requirments. Saffron with its expertise and experience in product development has been able to provide its clients with the best solutions and services.

Work flow management for VolksWagen

Level Monitor and Control for Aster Medcity

The system monitors the level of radioactive waste generated at the hospital after procedures. The system also incorporates facilities to control and alert the user of different level triggers..

Embedded system customisation