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Digital Transformation

It is the process of converting all of your existing activities and relations to an automatic and digital format. Digital transformation is the most mandatory and challenging phase of any organisation now days. Right technology with right people is the key to successful transformation. We spend much more homework to study your organisation structure and workflow, create a suitable roadmap and realise the changes. Scalability is the highlight in our design strategy that help you to build as needed.

Software Solutions

Our software solution are designed for the end user to enjoy the latest user experience and the service provider to utilise power of the same. Our continuous learning and updates make your system perfect for the competition of latest market/technology trends. 


We aim high towards the transformation of the society through quality training and software solutions in the latest technology, with international quality standards. We follow a learn by doing strategy and you never stuck in a technology as you will gain the confidence to find solution of any technical problem

Internet of Things

Internet on Things is the heart of our every solution designed. We value the importance of analytics and data acquisition from each and every point of your organisation. Hence we are one step ahead to design and implement customised systems that satisfy your very specific needs. We understand the high security needed in the IoT implementations and we solve them with cutting edge technologies.

Embedded System Solutions

Embedded system design is one of the fast moving and dynamic technologies. Our team is ready with the latest technology to support you to stand out in the competition. The high demand of embedded system development along with the software solutions keep us in this area for a long term with a unique identity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our partners to stand out in the competition with latest technologies and continuous updates. We lead partners to one step ahead of competition and the success is automatically reflected in our business. We are in the business with the confidence and continuous relation with our partners, who always love to walk together.

See What We Do
Idea Launch

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We help our customers in developing ideal, effective, business focussed products and solutions. Our solution are futuristic and we chose nothing but right stable platforms. We are keen to know your specific problems that are not solved by the widely available solutions and products

Idea Launch
Idea Launch

We solved a market problem to
differentiate a product


Educadoo is a comprehensive educational institution management suite, which continuously move with the latest technology trends. Educadoo is a platform where a wide range of technology are utilised for addressing all issues that are ignored or adapted by the industry. Our vision is to provide a better educational infrastructure where the students are secure and monitored without affecting their privacy for igniting their real skills and tastes. The teachers are convenient with quick and one touch data to plan and decide the training pattern for each student. Parents are provided with realtime updates in academic, extracurricular and travel events, and are more comfort than ever to dream their next generation.

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Meet the Saffron Team

Saneesh A T
Managing Director
Hariprasad V
Nikhil Mohan
Technical Head(Software)
Sanooj A T
Manager (Sales & Marketing)
Jithin K S
Manager (HR)